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Checklist of year end accounts information to provide

Our clients often ask us what information they need to provide us with in order to prepare their annual accounts.

Whether you’re a limited company, partnership or sole trader, you’ll need to provide details of all your incoming sales and outgoing expenses that fall under the remit of your business.

Preparing for your annual accounts

Here is our handy checklist of the information you’ll need to provide to us:

  • Bookkeeping records (e.g. manual cash book, spreadsheets or computerised bookkeeping such as Sage or acccess to Xero)
  • Sales and purchase invoices
  • Bank statements (or online banking download) for all business accounts covering the year/period and a month after (e.g. current account/loans/mortgages/credit cards/deposit accounts)
  • Cheque book / pay in book stubs
  • Copy VAT returns and workings
  • Payroll and CIS records
  • Details of any cash expenditure incurred
  • A list of amounts owing to you (debtors) and amount owed by you (creditors) at .
  • A list of stock held at  at cost value to you
  • Details of any work done as at  that has not been invoiced at that point (work in progress).
  • Any expenditure on properties, vehicles or capital equipment should be supported by invoices, if financed loan, hire purchase or lease agreements.
  • Any other information/documentation which is relevant to the preparation of your accounts.

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